Welcome to the United States of America! Well known for Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Las Vegas, and many more.

A Hawaiian Paradise for Cat Lovers!

The Lanai Cat Sanctuary is the place to be for all cat lovers! Plan your next vacation on Hawaii’s smallest island and fill your arms with the world’s cutest furballs – all while supporting a good cause.

Devastating Hurricane Dorian Slams Bahamas – Heading for Disney World

Hurricane Dorian, heading north through the Bahamas on Monday and is now heading for the Florida Coast.Hurricane Dorian has hit speeds of 186 MPH as it tears through the Bahamas. Mandatory home evactuations were put into place, and residents are struggling to find...

Top 10 places you must see in California

Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park is where Dr.Seuss got his inspiration for his books. Driving into the park, you can immediately tell why! The rugged rock formations and desert landscapes are unusual and a must see when visiting California. The...

Which island in Hawaii is the cheapest?

If you have not traveled to the Hawaiian Islands you might have the doubt that these islands, cited so often by those who want sun and sea, are just a fantasy paradise invented by some explorer with the taste of adventure. But the archipelago, the undisputed symbol of...

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