Pledges are pouring in to begin the rebuild of Notre-Dame 

Bernard Arnault, The richest man in France has pledged to donate 200 million euros ($226 million) to help pay for the rebuild of Notre-Dame Cathedral. Donations keep pouring in with another billionaire pledging to donate 100 million euros.

The Cathedral went up in flames on Monday 6:50pm local time. The spire was caught on video collapsing in front of shocked onlookers. Extensive damage has been caused and it took 400 firefighters 9 hours to get the blaze under control.

Luckily just 4 days before the fire occurred many valued statues were taken down from the roof of the building for the first time in over a century. They were taking down while ongoing repairs were being done on the now non-existent spire. Firefighters managed to save some of the most valued artwork from inside the burning Cathedral including The Crown of Thorns.

Some exclusive photos below shown here and on CNN Instagram account reveal the aftermath of the horrific fire. Amazingly the cathedral’s altar and cross avoided damages. 

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