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Disaster in the Bahamas – Help them Heal

Hurricane Dorian devastated one of the world’s most popular travel destinations last week, and as the storm clears the scale of the destruction is coming to light. 43 people are dead and hundreds are feared missing. Please help the Bahamian people recover for a better...

Devastating Hurricane Dorian Slams Bahamas – Heading for Disney World

Hurricane Dorian, heading north through the Bahamas on Monday and is now heading for the Florida Coast.Hurricane Dorian has hit speeds of 186 MPH as it tears through the Bahamas. Mandatory home evactuations were put into place, and residents are struggling to find...

The Amazon is on Fire and You Can Help

The Rainforest has been on fire for over two weeks. This is a catastrophic situation for our precious resources and natural beauty.

Italian Restaurants Serving Frozen Food can be Fined for Fraud

Italy’s top civil court rules that restaurant owners will be fined for fraud if serving frozen food without explicitly labeling it.

Breaking- Helicopter Crashes on the roof of a building in Manhattan, New York

We have received a saddening confirmation from the Manhattan police and FDNY officials that a helicopter has crashed into the roof of a building in Midtown Manhattan. What we know so far is that the crash happened at 787 seventh Ave according to the police, however,...

Own a house in Sicily for only $1

Ancient house a few hours from the stunning Amalfi Coast and located in the heart of Scicily could be yours for as little as $1…

Breaking News, More Than 150 Dead in Sri Lanka

Bombings in Colombo, Sri Lanka at churches and popular tourist hotels on Easter Sunday. Latest death toll 156 and at least 400 injured.

Over 500 Million Euros Already Pledged To Help Rebuild Notre-Dame

France’s richest man and the worlds third richest man has pledged to help rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral. Millions of dollars is coming in…

Notre Dame Cathedral – Live Updates

The latest up to date news about the fire that has engulfed Notre Dame Cathedral. Latest update- Main tower and facade saved ..

Top 10 Countries from Traveler who has visited EVERY Country

With travelling being a popular trend, meet Jørn Bjørn Augestad. The youngest Norwegian to Travel the world, has named his top 10 countries

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