Welcome to Italy! Well known for wine, pizza and cities such as Venice, Florence, Dolomites, and Rome.

Getting Around Italy’s Five Best Cities

Have you been dreaming of traveling around Italy in 2019? Find out Italy’s Top Five Best Cities to visit during your trip including things to see and do in each city…

History and Facts about The Leaning Tower of Pisa!

  Why the Tower of Pisa was Built? The Leaning Tower of Pisa or in Italian, “Torre Pendente di Pisa”, is one of the most historic and iconic structures found in Italy. They started to build the tower in August of 1173. However, its construction was interrupted...

Own a house in Sicily for only $1

Ancient house a few hours from the stunning Amalfi Coast and located in the heart of Scicily could be yours for as little as $1…

Venice’s Bibione Beach is The First in Italy to Ban Smoking

Bibione Beach in Venice, Italy is now the country’s first-ever smoke-free beach. The Majority of Italys smokers are 14-16 years old youth..

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