Italy’s Free Wine Fountain

When you hear that there is a free wine fountain in Italy you might think THERE IS NO WAY! How can someone give out free wine? The good news is it’s 100% true!

This free red wine fountain located in Ortona, Italy at Dora Sarchese Winery. This is one of only two free wine fountains in the entire world! The other being located in Spain. 

This wine fountain wasn’t founded for drunks, tourist, or a publicity stunt. It holds a lot more history. It was built to quench the thirst of those taking the Cammino di San Tommaso pilgrimage.

The Cammino di San Tommaso is a 196-mile trek from Rome to Ortona that connects historical churches and abbeys. This trek typically takes 10 days to walk by foot. The reason people make this pilgrimage to Ortona is to see the remains of St. Thomas who was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. 

Spiritually-minded individuals have traveled this path for years. This free wine fountain at the end of the pilgrimage is a gesture and reward for those who make it to Ortona. Don’t worry though, the wine is free to anyone that stops by regardless of whether you actually make the cross-country trek. 

Next time you are in Italy, make sure to stop by and fill up your glass. This is a unique opportunity to try some of Italy’s amazing wine for free. If you have time check out the wine shop and cellar next door. If you want to make a kind gesture, leave a small donation in the change jar next to the fountain. Enjoy!

Cammino di San Tommaso Route

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