Hurricane Dorian devastated one of the world’s most popular travel destinations last week, and as the storm clears the scale of the destruction is coming to light. 43 people are dead and hundreds are feared missing. Please help the Bahamian people recover for a better future.

Survivors on the islands are left without water or food in one of the worst hurricanes to hit the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian was a catastrophic category 5 storm as it stalled over the Bahamas, causing great destruction to the beautiful islands, and leaving 70,000 people homeless on the worst hit islands.


People from around the world are helping the recovery efforts by sending donations and sharing the stories of the survivors. Here are a few ways you can help as well:

The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency has provided a way for the public to send wire transfers directly to the government of the Bahamas, to ensure maximum impact in supporting the relief efforts.

The HeadKnowles crowdfunding campaign has raised over one million dollars, but still has a long way to its goal. Started in 2015 to help raise money for the last disastrous hurricane to hit the Bahamas – Hurricane Joaquin – the two Bahamians who run the campaign need help raising the money to reach their goal – as well as encouraging GoFundMe to release the funds early as time is of the essence.

Nearly 50% of Bahamians work in the tourism industry – one of the best things you can do is to travel to the islands. Many people may choose to travel to the Bahamas to help with rescue efforts – but we aren’t always able to leave work and our lives to be volunteers. What you can do is plan your next vacation in the Bahamas, and help the economy recover, which will help the nation heal. Not all of the Bahamian Islands were destroyed in the hurricane, and you can support the people of the Bahamas simply by visiting.

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