Bali Officially Bans All Single-use Plastics

by Jul 2, 2019Indonesia0 comments

Photo credit: @thelifeofjord

On June 23rd 2019, A ban has been officially made across the Island of Bali, called Pergub Bali No. 97/2018. The ban includes everyone from traditional markets in cities and villages to modern supermarkets and retailers. In a major breakthrough for environmentalist who have been rallying for this ban for years.

The main voices behind this ban have been the Co-founders of Bye Bye Plastics Bags and One Island One Voice. They have been fighting for a ban on single-use plastics since 2013.

There will be a transitional phase for the next six months where the government will work closely with retailers and distributors. 

According to a report done by System IQ,  just over 48% of waste generated in Bali is managed responsibly, either through recycling or landfill, while the rest is burned or pollutes land, waterways and the ocean. As a result, 33,000-tons of Bali’s plastic waste ends up in the ocean each year.’ 

Its time we all take responsibility and do our best as consumers to say no to single-use plastics.

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