The Amazon covers most of Brazil and much of South America. It provides more than 20% of the world’s oxygen and water supplies and is experiencing the worst wildfires in a decade. You can help!

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The Rainforest has been on fire for over two weeks, with very little media coverage.  Deforestation for farming and the logging industry has combined with seasonal wildfires to create a catastrophic situation for this precious resource and natural beauty. As one of our most important global resources, the Amazon Rainforest is known as the “Lungs of the Earth.

Every year, a growing number of adventurous travelers visit the Amazon to explore one of the most important areas in our global ecosystem. Unfortunately, in the past 12 months alone, the rainforest has seen a reduction of its tree coverage of between 20 – 30%! The Amazon is not only home to many endangered animals and indigenous peoples, but also an abundant diversity of plant life not found anywhere. The Amazon was already in danger, but the situation is now critical.

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How Can You Help?


If you are in the USA, the best thing you can do is Contact Your Elected Officials. Let them know that the health of the Amazon is important to you as a voter and ask if they are doing anything to support conservation efforts.

Donate money to reputable non-profits like these:

The Amazon is big, if you love adventure, book a trip to a safe part of the forest –

support local businesses who rely on thhealth of the Amazon for their livelihood.

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