Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world and visiting beautiful places? If you’re looking for a place to relax and explore nature then Iceland is the next destination you need to visit. Iceland is a country in Europe that is famous for its breathtaking waterfalls, wild horses, and out of this world scenery. Here are the top 10 waterfalls in Iceland that you must set eyes on.

1.) Seljalandsfoss

This is the most highly rated and most photographed waterfall in Iceland. It is known for being a waterfall that you can walk behind to gain even more epic views. It is located on the South Coast of Iceland and can be accessed by the famous Ring Road.

This waterfall has its own way to capture the hearts of the travelers, as it is jaw-dropping from the front and reveals the beauty from the hidden path behind. If you are planning to visit the waterfalls, make sure that you bring your raincoat and waterproof case for your cellphones and cameras due to the mist coming from the falls.

Summer is the best time for you to stay the night near Seljalandsfoss as it doesn’t get dark until almost midnight. Camping is an excellent choice if you want to have a better view at night and a chance to see the Arora Borealis in the sky.

There is a campsite named Hamragardar, that is only 2 minutes away from Seljalandsfoss. A market, showers, bathroom, dishwashing area and laundry rooms are readily available at the site. Hotels, guesthouses, and cottages are also available near the Seljalandsfoss if you’re planning to have an overnight stay in the area.

2.) Kirkjufellsfoss

Kirkjufellsfoss is also known as “Church Mountain Falls.” It is located on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula near Mount Kirkjufell which is considered to be the most photographed mountain in Iceland. The fall can be accessed via a short walk from the parking lot that is around 5 minutes.

The location is very popular for artists and photographer because of its graceful, mesmerizing, mind-blowing and highly photogenic scenery. It was also made famous thanks to Game of Thrones.

This is also a perfect spot for camping especially at night when you can view the dazzling waterfalls with Aurora Borealis above. The only downfall of this beautiful place is many people visiting causing lots of  traffic but it is worth toughing it out to see.

The government of Iceland and the caretakers are requesting that visitors respect the environment to avoid erosion or damage to the ecosystem. During the winter, they warn the visitors to be careful when walking due to its icy and slippery ground.

The Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall is both majestic during both summer and winter. In summer you can enjoy the clear water flowing through the falls while experiencing the touch of the midnight sun in your face.

3.) Dynjandi

Dynjandi is considered as one of the largest waterfalls in the Westfjords. It features a veil-like image, narrow at the peak and wide at the bottom.

Dynjandi is based between Dynjandisvogur and Annarjordur Fjord. Even at the parking lot, you can view the falls at the perfect angles. It is only a 15-minute walk up to the biggest part of the waterfall and is totally worth the quick hike! This waterfall is picture perfect!

4.) Skógafoss

This waterfall might be familiar to you because many films were shot in this location. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Thor: The Dark World were both filmed here.

This waterfall is located on the South Coast and only 149 kilometers away from the Reykjavik. There is usually a rainbow present when the sun and clouds are at the right angle making it just magical to see.

Skógafoss is perfect for the person who likes adventures and breathtaking nature. You can also hike the famous Fimmvorduhals Trail.

Skógafoss has another attraction that is interesting to visit while in the area. This is the Skógasafn museum. It is open in June, July, and August only. There is also hotels and restaurants near the waterfall.

5.) Goðafoss

This waterfall is known as the Waterfall of the Gods because of its god-like grace and style. Goðafoss is located in the North East of Iceland.

If you want to take a break with your work and experience a very relaxing destination, this place would be best for you. The area has restaurants, campsites, and several stunning views to take in.

It is recommended for you to go explore both sides to get a better view of the falls and to admire the beauty from different aspects.

6.) Hengifoss

Hengifoss is connected to the Hengifossa River in Fljotsdalshreppur which is Eastern Iceland. It is advised to visit the waterfalls during the early mornings to get the perfect shot with out to many people.

Remember, it is a 40-70 minute hike to the falls from the parking lot. Capturing the red and black basalt arrangement of the cliff surface makes an epic background with the cascading waterfall.

7.) Háifoss

This waterfall is located near the Hekla Volcano in southern Iceland. This is the fourth tallest waterfall in Iceland measuring around 122 meters in height.

You can have the best spot at the peak of it or at the same time you can see the relaxing ambiance in an easier to get to location. If you are looking for a place to think and get some inspiration for your painting, poem, or photography then this is the best spot for you!

Háifoss is big enough for you to be alone to soak up the scenery without a lot of tourists around.

There is a parking lot on the south side above the waterfall that is recommended only for 4×4 as the road is very bumpy. Do your research into the road condition before venturing here in a small car.

8.) Glymur

This waterfall is the second tallest waterfall in Iceland towering 198 meters. If you love hiking then Glymur is the best place for you to experience unforgettable and breathtaking views. While you are hiking along you will feel excited because of the truly remarkable and majestic beauty of this place.  

The hike takes roughly 3.5 hours roundtrip but is very rewarding, to say the least. It can be a bit challenging in some parts so it is best to do your research before embarking on this hike. The waterfall is not visible from the road, so you have to put your hiking boots on in order to get to see this place with your own eyes!

9.) Svartifoss

Are you an artist, writer, nature lover, or traveler? If you are any of these then this place is for you. This spectacular waterfall is hidden in Skaftafell National Park along the Ring Road.

The hexagonal basalt columns surface of the waterfall was naturally formed by a volcanic eruption. The natural beauty of the waterfall makes the spot so peaceful, and once you see the view, you’ll feel a lot of emotions, ideas, and realizations.

The hike takes about 45-minutes one way from the Visitor Centre in Skaftafell. You can also experience a lot of different adventures in the area like hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

10.) Gljúfrafoss 

This is Iceland’s hidden beauty since the waterfall is located inside of a cave. This waterfall is located in the Southern part of Iceland and can be accessed by the Ring Road. It is only a few minutes away from Seljalandsfoss and is to not be missed.

The best view of the waterfalls is from the bottom of the falls where you can feel the splash of the water from the tumbling cliff.

If you are a traveler, blogger or a nature lover, you MUST put Iceland on your travel bucket list!

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