Best Honeymoon Destinations

For most newlyweds, your honeymoon is the first step into your marriage, the first adventure. This vacation sets the tone for all of the adventures you’ll have in your future. Being a trip a lifetime, you want to make sure that it is perfect. Of course you make end up taking more magnificent trips in the years to follow, but your honeymoon is the one that you’ll never forget. Whether you’re hikers, beach bums, adventurous foodies, city folk, or history lovers, there is a place out there for everyone near and far that will satisfy you both. We’ve outlined our favorite honeymoon destinations – sorted for affordability and that special romance factor.


Whitehouse, Jamaica-

Jamaica is known for its tropical weather conditions, amazing beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and is overflowing with culture and hospitality. This means you get a five-star honeymoon experience without going broke in the process. Enjoy scuba diving lessons, exciting nightlife in Whitehouse, Jamaica.

Vieques, Puerto Rico

No passport is required to travel to Puerto Rico, and roundtrip airfare travel in relatively inexpensive. The laid-back island has an identity all its own. There are more relaxing, clear-water beaches than you can count. With seaside forts, dazzling rainforests, museums, and restaurants, there’s plenty to do on your honeymoon outside of your chic yet affordable hotel or resort. The natural neon light show at Puerto Mosquito is twenty minutes away from Vieques. The bioluminescent microorganisms glow bright blue when they are disturbed and create an electrifying aquatic display.

Cook Island

The island of Rarotonga is the most popular destination for honeymooning in the Cook Islands by far. The island has a comfortable year-round climate of 80˚ temperatures. Spend your time perusing local shops around town or under water, snorkeling or scuba diving.

Riviera Maya, Mexico-

Cancun is one of the more steeply-priced honeymoon spots for week-long stays. Conversely, heading south to Riviera Maya would be a bit better for your wallet without losing any of the experience. Playa Del Carmen is where you will find all of the beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and reasonably priced restaurants and watersport activities.

Nice, France-

Best to visit from mid-March through June, Nice is a premier destination for romance, stunning views, and blending old time whimsy with new age comforts. Baroque churches scattered about of the Old Town’s twisted streets. The candy-colored rustic domes of the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral leading south to the beautiful beaches, ranking as some of the best in the world.


Paris, France-

The City of Lights. The City of Love. Beautiful Paris, France is the perfect way to begin life anew with your beloved spouse. The ultimate capital of romance, Paris is frequented by tourists and honeymooners alike. The world-class restaurants, historical architecture, and fascinating scenery are what couples dream of.


Is there a more classic romantic island honeymoon than Fiji? Beautiful beaches with large luxurious honeymoon resorts. Widely attributed with having choices for both relaxation and a lively nightlife, Fiji is a popular destination for many cruise lines – if a cruise honeymoon is something you’d like.


Too many honeymooners pass on Tahiti for the white sands of Bora Bora. The epitome of seclusion, Tahiti seems to be a more off-the-beaten-path honeymoon destination. Forests and beaches, crepes and culture, French Polynesia has just what newlyweds need to enjoy their time together in whatever light fancies them most.

Panama City, Panama-

Panama has a bit of everything: rain forests, beautiful mountain vistas, multiple coasts that offer a variety of beaches, hundreds of islands, historic sites, and all-inclusive resorts.

Kauai, Hawaii-

You might think Hawaii is all beaches, but Kauai proved otherwise. This Hawaiian island is comprised of mostly tropical rainforest. This lavish destination is beautiful and extremely romantic.

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