The Lanai Cat Sanctuary is the place to be for all cat lovers! Plan your next vacation on Hawaii’s smallest island and fill your arms with the world’s cutest furballs – all while supporting a good cause. Get your kitty fix and a tan at the same time.

Since 2009, visitors get to be the center of attention to a crowd of adoring (and adorable) rescue kitties. The cats will lounge around and beg for your pets. If there’s one you fall in love with, you can even adopt them!

The island of Lanai may be tiny, but it makes up for its size with a truly unique feline experience. The Lanai Cat Sanctuary was made by cat lovers for cat lovers and is home to hundreds of rescue cats. 

When cats were first introduced to the island over a hundred years ago by fishing boats, the ones left behind quickly multiplied and started causing problems for the local endangered bird population. A group of cat lovers who realized the problem decided to do something about the kitty overpopulation.

Visitors to the sanctuary can spend the whole day roaming the 25,000 square feet of the park totally surrounded by the furry residents, locally known as the “Hawaiian Lions”. With constant sunshine and fields of green, this sanctuary is paradise for cats and visitors alike.

The sanctuary cares for all of the cat’s needs, including medical care, a safe place to roam (safely away from endangered native birds), and the adoration of thousands of visitors who come just to feed and play with them.

Since there are very few veterinarians on the small island, the sanctuary has been developing medical treatment and care plans for the more than 600 cats who live there. In 2018 alone, 200 cats were rescued!

What are you waiting for? Support a good cause and find your “purr”adise at the Lanai Cat Sanctuary!

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